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Naked embrace is such a beautiful thing
I love the feeling of her body as I cuddle her against me, and you know she’s a little colder than usual, so you hold her even tighter.
This is pure intimacy.

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"Don’t you dare say that mom!" Jenna growled, "you know exactly who I am, I’m the daughter that you and dad leave behind when you go on life threatening missions, like the one where this happened." She stopped, trying to calm herself so she could explain what happened.

Jenna frowned at the sight of her mother crying.
"Mom, you never failed, neither of you did but I didn’t think either of you were coming home after that mission, seeing you both in ICU with the amount of bruises and cuts you had, they had you both hooked up to machines that’s all that was keeping you alive. Mama I’m sorry." She said softly, attempting to grab her mothers hand as she pulled it away.

Growing uncomfortable, Jenna turned, “I’m gonna go for a walk, I’ll probably go see Xander. I guess we need to talk about everything now.” She mumbled, grabbing a jacket on her way past her mothers room. “I’ll text you when I get there.”

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I’m not the kind of person to choose love over duty.” -  Sharon Carter - Agent Thirteen

(Super)Heroines Month - Day One

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Any Sharon’s willing to RP? Jenna wants a mum right now.

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+5 saplings


Groot didn’t mean to walk in on you, a gasp let out. 

Jenna half-turned, wide eyed when she heard the gasp.
"Dude! I’m trying to get dressed in here!"

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"I'd totally fuck you." Jenna mumbled.

ASKED BY butiamstrongenough.




"Is she talking to you?"

"Probably not. No one ever talks to me."


Jenna giggled a little at his interaction with the girl on the other end.
"Yeah?" She said, unsure of if it was her he was talking too.

Humming to herself, trying to find lyrics to go with the tune.

"Alright. Put it on my bill, thanks." Darren hung up, turning back around to face her. "It should be over in 20 minutes."

"20 minutes huh? Should give me enough time to get to know the handsome man sitting infront of me." Jenna smiled, grabbing some paper to write the possible lyrics down.

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"I’m your own blood and you don’t remember… thanks dad."

"I’m sorry but I have no idea who you are. I don’t have any children. I would think I would remember something like that."

"Alright dad, I know you hit your head pretty hard but that’s a little insulting."

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But tonight I need you to save me,
I'm too close to breaking, I see the light
I am standing on the edge of my life!

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